A Day Without Tea is a Day Without Joy

Tea has changed the way we work, relax, and even our history. Winston Churchill is rumoured to have claimed that tea was as important to the Second World War effort as bullets. We will probably never know for sure if he actually said this, but what we do know, is that in the UK we really love a good cuppa.

In 2014, a survey revealed that as a nation we drink around 165 million cups per day. That's over 900 cups a year for every man, woman and child, although we all know someone who likes many more cups than this!

Over 25% of all the milk consumed in the UK goes into your cup of tea. It certainly is the liquid gold which has fuelled the UK through both good times and bad.

Tea is quintessentially British. It has slowly but surely cemented itself into our culture, language and society. Look around you, it's everywhere - tea towels, tea dances, tea dresses, afternoon tea, high tea, tea cakes, tea gardens, tea-time, tea breaks, tea for two or two for tea, make tea not war, a storm in a tea cup, builders' tea, more tea vicar? All these are everyday words, quotes and phrases we are hugely familiar with.

The Englishness of our tea is paramount and we are truly passionate about making your day a little better by delivering the best tea to you.

The health council recommends drinking tea for improved health. Drinking 3 - 5 cups a day can reduce blood pressure, diabetes and stroke risks.

Tea brings you up when you're down. Making tea is the perfect displacement activity: whenever we feel awkward or uncomfortable in a social situation (which is quite often!), those moments where we don't quite know what to do next, we make a cup of tea. Think about the times we receive bad news or a visit from a friend in need? And what's the first thing we do? Put the kettle on!

There are few situations where making a cup of tea is an inappropriate response. Life changing news? Tea. World disaster? Tea. Emotional breakdown? Tea.

What we love about tea is it's one of the few, if not the only beverage that is capable of soothing you when you need to relax but also wakes you up when you when you need a little boost.

The question on our lips is why everyone else doesn't drink more tea?!


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