Tea-Tastic Tips for a Feel Good January

How are you feeling after the festive holiday break? Do you feel quite sluggish, tired and struggling to focus and concentrate? Do not fear, you are most certainly not alone!

The holidays are a wonderful time to relax and spend time around friends and family. However, over indulging goes hand in hand with this time. Your mind says it's all about putting your feet up and celebrating but your body isn't so keen!

Did you know that we consume between 6,000 - 8,000 calories over the Christmas period? That's around 16 Big Macs!

So, what can you do to transform your lethargic January into one full of energy and vitality? All of our suggestions can be quite easily enjoyed with a cup of tea too!

  • Take the time to plan what you want to achieve for 2017.
  • Get outside in the fresh air.
  • Pamper yourself in a hot bubble bath - think fluffy towels and a good book.
  • Make sure you're getting your 5 a day.
  • Increase your fluid intake. Green tea is lower in caffeine and is really good for detoxifying.

Studies have shown that green tea helps treat acne and blemishes by tackling spot-causing androgen hormones. If over indulging has left you with a dull completion or a few break outs, get a few cups of green tea down you. Increasing your green tea intake can also increase your metabolism, which again if you're feeling sluggish after too much food and drink, is the perfect new year pick me up.

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