Spoil Your Mum with Mazawattee Tea

March is a special month for tea, the arrival of early spring in many tea growing regions of the world, begins the plucking season for some premium teas.

As the tea starts to flourish in March, it's also a time to show your mum how much she means to you, with the celebration of Mothering Sunday on 26th March.

Why not create something special and memorable for your mum? If you're stuck for ideas, here are some tea-tactic suggestions:

Breakfast In Bed - Think crumpets, muffins, fresh fruit and Mazawattee English Breakfast Tea to compliment her breakfast perfectly.

Afternoon Tea - Plan your celebration around an uplifting china pot of Mazawattee Earl Grey Tea, with matching china teacups and saucers of course. Don't forget to add her favourite finger sandwiches, cakes and homemade scones with jam and fresh clotted cream.

Green Tea Soak - Tea benefits stretch beyond drinking it. Due to it's many health benefits, a green tea bath is one of the best ways you can enjoy to unwind. Relieve stress while having the body benefit both inside and out, the best of both worlds.

Green tea is popular for its antioxidant and detoxification abilities. The vitamin B contained in the tea will soften your skin. The minerals in it are responsible for keeping skin youthful, flexible and eliminating harmful toxins. It can relieve body aches and sore muscles. If you have a rash, taking the bath can soothe your skin as well as contribute to faster healing of wounds.

How to make your green tea bath - fill the bath with hot water and put in a minimum of 5 Mazawattee Green Tea bags, while the hot water is running. Let the tea bags seep in for about 20 minutes or until the bath is warm enough to your liking.

Why not add a few extra ingredients, such as bath salts or jasmine flowers. Finally, finish off setting the reading ambiance for your mum by lighting some candles together with her favourite soothing music.

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