Delicious Things to Add to Your Tea for Improved Health

Although everyone loves the arrival of summer, our bodies can spend at least a few weeks adjusting to this time change, affecting our body clock, our sleep and how we generally feel.

While adjusting to losing those vital minutes of sleep, have you thought about adding a few extra ingredients to your next cuppa?

Our top tips below could boost your energy and revitalise your taste buds, alongside taking advantage of all the other usual health benefits that come with drinking Mazawattee Tea on a regular basis!

Have a read on to find out more:

Mazawattee Perfect Everyday Black Tea
Turn your everyday black tea into an Indian chai tea adventure! Great for your immune system and kick-starting your body! Simply add cardamom seeds, cinnamon, cloves and ginger. Leave to brew for 5 minutes. Then pour through a sieve and enjoy!

Mazawattee Earl Grey Tea
If you are already a tea enthusiast, you will probably know that you can add a slice of lemon to your Earl Grey beverage. But have you considered adding a slice of lime? High levels of vitamin C, A and calcium could help banish those sluggish and tired mid-afternoons.

Mazawattee Sencha Green Tea
Try adding fresh ginger, fresh mint and if you have a sweet tooth, research around your area for the best local honey. Not only will this help you with your energy throughout the day and adding honey to your tea will help to banish the dreaded hay fever!

Mazawattee English Breakfast Tea
We advise not messing with this staple tea in your cupboards. Simply add sugar and milk to preference and enjoy!

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