Tea, More than a Drink

May 11, 2017
Tea has so much more to give! Here are some natural and inexpensive tips using teabags (even brewed ones!): For your eyes, place cooled, brewed green teabags over the eyes to reduce swelling and soothe. For fresher breath, gargle using green tea. Make a bath by ad...
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Although everyone loves the arrival of summer, our bodies can spend at least a few weeks adjusting to this time change, affecting our body clock, our sleep and how we generally feel. While adjusting to losing those vital minutes of sleep, have you thought about adding...
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Green Tea Spicy and Nice

November 3, 2016
It will be no surprise to you to hear us say "We Love Tea", all kinds of tea, especially green tea. It has some truly amazing health benefits. It's higher in antioxidants than any other tea, it's great for your metabolism, brain, heart, nervous system and your digestive ...
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