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Established in 1887 by John Boon Densham, Mazawattee Tea was one of the most popular tea company's in England. Mazawattee Tea has become a part of British cultural identity and has been a major influence in making Great Britain the tea loving land it is today.


Never ones to follow tradition, John Boon Densham looked to the origins of their teas when choosing a name and after spending a day at the Guildhall Library, chose the name Mazawattee. It is a delightful blend of the combination of the Hindi word 'Maza', meaning pleasure, and the Sinhalese word 'Wattee', meaning garden; 'Mazawattee' was born. The name Mazawattee transports us to the most verdant gardens instantly, which captures the luscious taste in every cup of Mazawattee. Mazawattee had once used zebras to pull their delivery vans to represent the exotic teas from all over the world that went into making every cup of Mazawattee Tea.


Mazawattee led the way as one of the first to establish a brand image. The enduring name and image of the smiling and bespectacled grandmother sipping tea with her granddaughter has become a lasting legacy of Mazawattee. Their faces were used on posters, packets and tins of the tea. Advertisements appeared on every railway platform throughout Britain and Mazawattee souvenirs have become sought after collector's items today.


Mazawattee formed it's head office and warehouse in Tower Hill and became a true tea pioneer for producing quality tea. During World War II, the Tower Hill facilities were bombed and a few weeks later, the Mazawattee factory at New Cross was also bombed and virtually obliterated. By the end of the war, the entire Mazawattee warehouse had been destroyed but it's vaults remained. A commemorative plaque has been set in the floor of the vault beneath Tower Hill Terrace. Today, those vaults are known as the Tower Vaults. When visiting the Tower Vaults Retail Centre at the Tower of London, you have consequently been inside the historic Mazawattee warehouse.


Not wanting this iconic British company to be left in the past, we have brought Mazawattee Tea back to life with an authentic blend of history and charm. We are a family run company of tea enthusiasts who understand the value of a proper cup of tea. Here at Mazawattee Tea, we eat, sleep and breathe tea as well as drink it of course and lots of it! We still pick the finest tea leaves from all over the world and expertly blend them to produce the most delicious teas so you can savour 'The Cup that Cheers'. We love our tea and our drinkers and do not compromise on quality and taste. We are proud to bring you a little taste of Mazawattee magic today.


We are committed to ethical trading so sourcing Fairtrade tea is a logical choice for us. Fairtrade provides a better deal for producers in developing countries, creating opportunities for farmers and workers to improve their lives, their communities and protect their environment. We also use tea from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms that have environmentally and socially responsible practices.