Mazawattee Tea


A delicate blend of teas scented with orange peel, lemon peel and natural flavouring for an uplifting cup of tea. This is a blend of specially selected teas from South India and Sri Lanka to give you a zesty and vibrant taste. It makes an excellent blend for the afternoons.

Pack contents
15 biodegradable silky pyramid teabags.
Net weight: 30g (1.06oz) ℮.

Black tea (94%), orange peel, lemon peel and natural flavouring. Produce of more than one country. Packed and blended in the UK for The Mazawattee Tea Company Limited. Tea: traded in compliance with Fairtrade Standards, total 94%.

How to make delicious Earl Grey Tea
Place one teabag per cup or mug. Pour freshly boiled water over the teabag and allow to brew for 3 minutes, or longer according to how you like it. Remove the teabag. Add milk, if preferred. Stir and enjoy.

Nutrition values

Typical Values Per 100ml
Energy kJ
Energy kcal 1
Fat g
of which saturates g
Carbohydrate g
of which sugars g
Protein g 0.00
Salt g 0.008

As the story goes, Charles Grey, the 2nd Earl Grey and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (1830 - 1834) reputedly received a gift of tea from a Chinese diplomat as a show of gratitude after the Earl saved his son from drowning. He then flavoured with bergamot to counter balance the dominance of lime in his local water. This tale and the tea have proved to be so popular that he leaves behind one of his legacies known as Earl Grey tea.

Earl Grey tea is a high-quality blend of black tea with bergamot oil. This is the most popular flavoured tea in the world. Research suggests that Earl Grey tea is high in antioxidants. Bergamot oranges are citrus fruits with an active ingredient called Naringin which is also rich in polyphenols that carry benefits to help fight cholesterol. Earl Grey tea can help to boost your mood, soothe and energise your body, help with digestion and weight loss. It keeps you hydrated and is even good for your skin and oral health. On top of that, this is an aromatic and uplifting cup of tea.

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