Mazawattee Tea


This pure Sencha green tea is gently steamed and dried to release its delicate character for a refreshing cup of tea. This tea is sourced from the Hunan Province, having a smooth and fresh taste and it's healthy for you too. It's ideal to drink in between meals.

Pack contents
15 biodegradable silky pyramid teabags.
Net weight: 30g (1.06oz) ℮.

Sencha green tea. Produce of more than one country. Packed and blended in the UK for The Mazawattee Tea Company Limited. Tea: traded in compliance with Fairtrade Standards, total 100%.

How to make delicious Sencha Green Tea
Place one Sencha green tea teabag per cup or mug. Use freshly drawn water that has just come to boil. Green tea tastes best when brewed at a temperature of 85°C (185°F). Pour the water over the teabag and allow to brew for 2 minutes. Remove the teabag. Add a slice of lemon, if preferred. Enjoy.

Nutrition values
Typical Values Per 100ml
Energy kJ
Energy kcal 1
Fat g
of which saturates g
Carbohydrate g
of which sugars g
Protein g 0.00
Salt g 0.008 

Green tea goes through minimal processing. To produce green tea, leaves are harvested and withered and are then steamed or heated. This process halts oxidation so the leaves retain their colour and delicacy. The hues of green tea ranges from green to yellow and most resembles the tea leaf in its natural state. Drinking green tea has been a tradition in China and Japan for centuries and Chinese and Japanese just call it tea. It has been consumed as a miracle elixir and is considered to be a super food of today.

Research suggests that green tea is high in antioxidants that help boost your immune system. It can help to reduce cholesterol and blood pressure. It can also help to raise your energy levels, help to burn fat and even freshen your breath. As well as being healthy for you, this is a smooth and refreshing cup of tea.

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