Bone china cup, known for its strength and refinement. Hand decorated in Staffordshire, England.

Sip 'The Cup that Cheers' in style, every time!

Material: Bone china 

Capacity: 275 ml / 10 fl oz
Height: 8.2 cm / 3.2 in
Diameter: 7.3 cm / 2.9 in
Dishwasher safe: Yes
Microwave safe: Yes

Suitable for everyday use.

Your taste buds can judge how the perfect cup of tea is to be brewed, but we do have some suggestions and recommendations to help you. Start with freshly drawn water and bring the water to a boil of 100°C / 212°F for black tea. For green tea, the water temperature should be decreased slightly to 85°c / 180°F. Never reboil water. Measure the tea, using one tea bag per cup, or person if using a teapot. Pour the water immediately into the cup or teapot. As a general rule of thumb, steep the tea for up to 3 minutes. The exact amount of time will depend on the variety of the tea and your personal preference.

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