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Kevin McNaughton, Walton on the Naze
"I love your tea. It is such a pity that you don't do loose breakfast and everyday tea. I really like to sit down with a pot of tea, tea cups and saucers milk jug and sugar bowl. And of coures, cake and a couple of friends!"

Kathryn, Plymouth
"Breakfast Tea and Everyday Tea purchased as a gift for a gentleman, whose grandfather was a taster for Mazawattee. 'Delighted with both blends but disappointed to find traditional, loose leaf tea unavailable ... as yet!"

Philip Kyle, Scotland
"Love the quality of both the English Breakfast and the Everyday teas. Also as a Maserati owner and collector its a bit of fun to drink Mazawattee Teas!!"

Paul, Gloucestershire
"A mist excellent tea. The breakfast tea in particular is worthy of mention. Though a little pricey, it is a great treat..."

David Hill, Romford
"Recently discovered your company on the internet. Tried a selection of different teas all excellent. Will be ordering again."

Jo, Norwich
"I was lucky enough to try this fabulous tea rich tasting tea through winning a competition and I have to say its awesome."

Hannah Green, Wiltshire
"I won a competition for a slection of their teas. Absolutely loving them, they make a proper brew. Husband is a Yorkshire tea only drinker but he is really enjoying them and may now be a convert. Most definitely gong to be putting them on the shopping list."

Israel, London
"Love itttttt 4ever indeed best tea ever !"

Rima Rohra, London
"Great product at a good value Very good customer service Highly recommended"

Nilesh Rai, Middlesex
"Tried my first cup of Mazawattee green tea while watching cricket on television last Sunday. As the brand name...what Maza (pleasure) it gave me....absolutely wonderful and relaxing!!"

Josh, Sydney
"An exceptional cup of Rosie Lee. The blend of the English breakfast is sublime. The silk bags add a luxurious feel to the experience although the less posh round tea bags of the regular black tea taste great too"

Katie, Keighley
"Fantastic pot of tea really enjoyable! I won the competition first time I have ever tried and would definitely recommend amazing fast delivery too! Thanks"

Lynn McSorley, Surbiton

Karen, Lincolnshire
"I was overwhelmed to win a competition for the tea and I am now a firm convert. The silky bags are a little bit of luxury and the tea is amazing. I have always found Earl Grey is a bit dusty tasting but the Mazawattee brand allows the full flavour come through. Thank you for the win and for the stunning tea"

DT, London
"Delicious tea! All my family love the English Breakfast and Earl Grey. Well worth the price for a very enjoyable fairtrade cuppa."

Evelyn Felton, Hounslow
"Excellent service. Wonderful tea. Good price Thank you"

Steve, SW London
"Really good tea. We've tried the Everyday Black, the Earl Grey and the Green. Service is quick and goods well packaged. They're dedicated to their product and their customer service. Drink more tea - they need you....!!"

John Richards, Kent
"Very Good"

Liz Burton, New Milton
"Love the tea!"

"Lovely tea from a lovely company with people who mind about their product and those of us who buy from them. Thank you."

Raymond Ellis, Birmingham
"the tea is amongst the top three"

Yasmina, London
"Great single blend teas. Good value too."

Cathy, Cornwall
"I love the tea mugs and the illustration on the tea boxes is very attractive. All very distinctive."

"Quick, efficient and personable. Delicious tea at a good price. I like Mazawatee tea!"

David, London
"I love the tea and love the service."

Mandy cooper, Reigate
"I love your products but I think your website needs a little work. I got your 2for1 offer the other day but when I tried to order it still tried charging me the full amount. It may have been that you’d have sent me twice as much, but it really wasn’t clear, so you lost a sale I’m afraid. And it put me off for the future because it just seemed I’d wasted my time. Maybe I was doing it wrong but nothing seemed to give me clear instructions."

Mr K McNaughton, Essex
"Love your tea, an old family tradition from my childhood. A pity that you don't do loose tea for people like me who prefer to use loose tea in a teapot."

Samantha Thurston, Somerset
"If you want a cuppa that feela like a strong hug Mazawattee can do that for you. We're hooked. They offer a fast, friendly service and deliver the best cup of tea you'll ever have. What more do you want..."

"They are too expensive by the time postage and packing is added though."

Symon Densham, South Wales
"Well being a Gt Gt Nephew of the founder of the tea family John Boon Densham I could only say the tea is very good, but seriously I have tried all the range and they are really tasty, it is good to see the Mazawattee name up and running again, keep up the good work."

Pen Densham, Los Angeles

Nicole, Cheshire
"My boyfriend introduced me to this brand a month or so ago and it's safe to say I'm hooked. No other english breakfast tea compares. I bought some (and some of the everyday black tea) for my team at work and they love it too! I just wish I had an email to say when my package has been despatched and when it should be with me. Apart from that, this brand is a no brainer."


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