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Gary Faulkner
"Delicious full body flavor. Very satisfying"

David Hill
"First class tea, so glad i found it!"

Pete, Northumberland
"It's quite rare to find higher quality in a teabag. Most of the famous brands are using African tea or Assam or a blend of the two. Nothing wrong with these but traditionally the best teas were from high areas of India and Ceylon. I was pleased to find Mazawattee selling high-grown Ceylon (Nuwara Eliya) in a teabag (marketed as 'Delicious', box of 80). This is a rare find and I was pleased with the taste. I don't know of anyone else who's doing this so will definitely be ordering again."

David Hill, Romford
"My order was sent very promptly as always. Look forward to my breakfast tea in the morning! A smashing selection of tea, something for everybody."

Rosemary Wareham, Guernsey
"It is so reassuring that a time old national treasure like Mazawattee Tea is still to be had. I love the nostalgia and memories surrounding this product. High class and tradition. May the cup that cheers keep cheering!"

Julia, Guildford
"Purchase made in the memory of a very special person. Delivery was very fast, and the contents delightful. Thank you."

Ashwinkumar Bhimjiyani, Harrow
"I ordered Mazawattee tea for the first time. Delivery was next day, I would say quite fast. I enjoy all the flavours I ordered, and building a taste for them. I would definitely recommend it."

David Hill, Romford
"This is my third purchase, such a rare thing these days to get tea that tastes like tea should ! Would recommend any time"

Peter Barnett, Ramsgate Kent
"Love these products. Very reasonable prices and excellent quality."

Katherine Weston, RG8
"Excellent service and best Green Tea ever! Really fresh and tasty."

Ruth, Derby
"Lovely cup of tea! My dad used to talk about Mazawattee tea when I was little so I'm really pleased to have been able to try it now!"

Monika H, Bolton
"I have received this tea so quickly. It tastes incredible pleasant and strong. I love it with sugar and milk. It’s brews well within few minutes. I can honestly say it’s my favourite tea as it’s not overpowering, no bitter, just right. I enjoy this tea and now I’m looking forward drinking it at least twice a day."

Valentine Smith, Stratford-upon-Avon
"We are now starting to arrange visitors once more to the office and having a range of branded teas available is important. We like to offer quality and show that we offer quality"

Norman Hall, Leicestershire UK
"Delicious cuppa! My gran used to wax lyrical about Mazawatti tea, and bemoan the fact it was not easily obtainable after the war. A bigger mug would be most welcome, and how about black tea refill packs for those looks-too-useful-to-throw-away caddies."

Holly, Exeter
"A friend introduced me to this tea, and it is incredible! The Mint Tea is my fav!"

Bharat Thakker, Harrow
"Really enjoyed the tea. The high grown loose leaf black tea is the best I have tasted. Add just a dash of milk to this excellent tea. And enjoy."

Ang, Sheffield
"Delivery was very quick thank you. Husband loves the taste. Can't wait for my taste and smell to return post Covid to try it xXx"

Andy Ridge, Cornwall
"Excellent cuppa"

Julia Gibbs, Norwich
"Bone china mug Is too small - bought as a present for my father so it was disappointing."

Reply from Mazawattee Tea
Thank you for your review. We appreciate it. We’re sorry that the size of the cup did not meet your expectations. The capacity of the bone china cup is 275ml/10fl oz as described in the product description. It has proved to become popular size for serving tea but in view of your comment it is something that we may consider changing in the future.

Tracey Young, Wales
"My sister and I found your site after reminiscing about how our Mum used to mention your tea. My sister bought me the English Breakfast tea, a bag and a mug for my birthday as a surprise. The tea is superb and I love the mug. I reciprocated by buying the same for her. We are both delighted and are now firm fans."

Chris Barnes, Ashton-under-Lyne
"I love this tea, brings back memories of my Dad , he used to have it when he was a kid. Great customer service as well , Thanks ."

Alan Gregory, Lincolnshire
"Great tea. I can remember my grandparents drinking this tea and recommending it in about 1960. Now I'm a grandparent and didn't realise it was still available, but I do now"

Joe Mack, Teesside
"I am very posi'teav about this product, value and quality having really enjoyed products for the last few years. Gave several packets of different teas as presents this year. My only agony is in wanting the same service to spread to coffee and chocolate. Just think of a world with such drinks available."

Fiona Tudor, Kent
"Excellent service. Can’t fault."

Richard Hastings, Thatcham
"mug nice but could be a tiny bit bigger"

Phil Gough, Watford

Lyn Densham, Lawley Village, Telford
"Thanks for wonderful service and fabulous tea. Lovely to read the comments and find various family still enjoying 'the cup that cheers' as well as plenty of new converts!"

Chris Barnes, Ashton-under-Lyne
"Great product and great service, I give my family packets to try and now they love it as well. Cheers."

William Gillies, Coalpit Heath
"My Aunt who is 92 & lives in a care home, swears by your Tea as did her Father before her who had it sent to the trenches in France in 1915. keep up the good work so I can have some too"

Amanda Clark
"I have bought a couple of boxes as gifts for my mum and my aunt who were both Denshams - the original ancestral owners of Mazawattee Tea! I can't wait to see their faces when they open their parcels. Thank you for bringing this company back to life - I'm wondering if you will branch into the chocolatiering side too?"

Samantha Thurston, Yeovil
"We absolutely love Mazawattee and have only drank their tea for the last few years. It's a nice round robust tea. Just wish they did a decaf version..."

Sue Chilton, Kent
"I love your tea, brought the selection boxes as presents"

Lori Green, Suffolk
"Excellent service and excellent products will definitely buy again"

Sue, East Sussex
"Tastes as good as I remember it fifty years ago. Wish I could buy loose tea to brew in a teapot. Arrived quickly, could hardly wait for the kettle to boil."

Andy Wood, Wimborne
"Great service as always."

Cathy, Cornwall
"Love the new mixed tea packets. I use them for holiday lets. They are now a sensible number and the boxes are attractively packaged. I would really like a packet with breakfast, earl grey and peppermint (to cater for a wider range of tastes in one packet) but I guess that is difficult. I would like to add that previously visitors often left half-used packets but now they take the whole lot (always!) so they either use them themselves or keep as gifts. Thank you"

Matthew Jess, Devon
"Amazing tea, great company ran by top enthusiastic people. A pleasure to be affiliated with Mazawattee Tea. THE CUP THAT CHEERS !!"

Julie Evans, Wales
"Exceptional tea worth trying and buying if you haven't"

Kim, Somerset
"a good flavourful cup which has sophisticated top notes"

Theresa Plance, Ottery St Mary
"Probably the BEST TEA you will EVER have the pleasure of drinking. Just like the ones your grandma used to make. Proper !!! :)"

Alfie Martin, Chippenham
"Fast delivery and excellent quality products. Throwing in a box of black tea was a lovely gesture too. Will use again."

William Evans, Saddleworth
"I had heard about Mazawatte Tea ages ago, so was delighted to find it for sale as I thought it no longer existed and decided to order some of the everyday tea to try. On first opening the box I was very impressed to see that there was no plastic wrapping, just cardboard. Things just then got better upon brewing a pot of tea as the taste is fantastic. I will certainly be ordering more. Keep up the good work."

Doreen Hydes, Derbyshire
"Remembered the name from many years ago, tea is just as good as it always was."

Norma Chapman, Cheshire
"Thank you for excellent tea and service. My mother's maiden name was Densham so I was very curious about your product and it did not disappoint"

Stephen H, Chichester
"Great service. My aunt would always refer to having 'A cup of Mazawatte' instead of just a cup of tea. I Googled it and tried it. A really nice everyday tea. I will be trying the breakfast blend where it comes back into stock. I've already given three boxes away as presents."

John Vanaman, Kirkby in Ashfield
"Excellent service, fast delivery. This is my first and favourite tea. Nothing comes close. Superior quality and taste."

Abi, Northamptonshire
"I was lucky enough to win some Mazawattee tea on Instagram, and I received a package of 3 boxes of tea (earl grey, English breakfast & green tea). I am a tea lover and would highly recommend each of these teas, with my personal favourite being English Breakfast - I will definitely be purchasing in future"

Lisa Evans, North Wales
"Lovely delicious tea, refreshing and the best quality! Would definitely recommend"

Martin Ryan, London
"Very nice tasting Tea. Refreshing."

Jim, Essex
"We have always been big Mazawattee tea drinkers, the flavour knocks spots off the other brands."

Andy Wood, Wimborne Dorset
"A nice fresh taste. Great tea."

Lori Green, Sudbury Suffolk
"Excellent service and delivery"

Alastair, Heap
"Very good service start to finish. Product excellent."

Elain Kernahan, Cramlington
"Breakfast, everyday and Earl Grey are all amazing. The Earl Grey has a distinct and long lasting flavour. Would recommend to all my friends. If you love tea, you'll love Mazawattee!!"

Claire B, Walsall
"wow this tea is insane, the taste is incredible, its so smooth and clean, it has to be the best tea i have ever drunk, i recommend this brand to everyone who is looking for a luxury tea"

David Hill, Romford
"At last found tea that tastes like tea should! The best tea I have ever come across, a real treat. Thoroughly recommended."

Liz Burton, Hampshire
"Just love this tea! Delicious! I won't buy anything else now!"

Kerry, Ewell Surrey
"Tried Mazawattee at a food festival at Hampton Court. I was very happy to discover a home delivery service which was prompt and offered a free box. I'm also going to try the Earl Grey. Great discovery of a lovely new tea."

Lynda Graham, Sunderland
"I've just tried my first cup of English Breakfast - am so impressed. A Super fresh tasting Tea."

Chris Barnes, Ashton under Lyne
"Love this tea, tried this a few months ago and now hooked :-) My dad used to talk about this tea when we were kids and I thought he was making the name up , so I decided to google the name and up came this site :-) now I won't have any other tea , thanks for bringing back memories of my dad ."

Mark, Cheshire
"I am so glad that I discovered the Mazawattee Tea both my wife and I really love it"

Robin Tryon, Stockport
"Quick delivery and a very refreshing and tasty cup of tea, looking forward to getting on to the green tea and earl grey like the style of packaging too"

Sharon, Highland Perthshire
"Really delicious English Breakfast tea. Would prefer loose leaf but bags go in the pot just the same. Mug is fine china and very nicely designed."

Sian, Llangollen
"I won a Facebook competition, I absolutely love your tea, and would love to know wher I can buy some more, defo the nicest tea I have ever had"

Michelle, Hampshire
"Problems with the online order/website were dealt with promptly, and a customer discount given. My order arrived quickly. Very pleased."

Darren Freeman, Jersey
"The best tea I've has in a long time. A great selection and was delivered in super quick time too. Highly recommended! 5 stars!"

Darren Johnston, Yorkshire
"Really good tasting tea! Nice flavour & the right strength, one of the best we have tasted."

Kevin McNaughton, Walton on the Naze
"I love your tea. It is such a pity that you don't do loose breakfast and everyday tea. I really like to sit down with a pot of tea, tea cups and saucers milk jug and sugar bowl. And of coures, cake and a couple of friends!"

Kathryn, Plymouth
"Breakfast Tea and Everyday Tea purchased as a gift for a gentleman, whose grandfather was a taster for Mazawattee. 'Delighted with both blends but disappointed to find traditional, loose leaf tea unavailable ... as yet!"

Philip Kyle, Scotland
"Love the quality of both the English Breakfast and the Everyday teas. Also as a Maserati owner and collector its a bit of fun to drink Mazawattee Teas!!"

Paul, Gloucestershire
"A mist excellent tea. The breakfast tea in particular is worthy of mention. Though a little pricey, it is a great treat..."

David Hill, Romford
"Recently discovered your company on the internet. Tried a selection of different teas all excellent. Will be ordering again."

Jo, Norwich
"I was lucky enough to try this fabulous tea rich tasting tea through winning a competition and I have to say its awesome."

Hannah Green, Wiltshire
"I won a competition for a slection of their teas. Absolutely loving them, they make a proper brew. Husband is a Yorkshire tea only drinker but he is really enjoying them and may now be a convert. Most definitely gong to be putting them on the shopping list."

Israel, London
"Love itttttt 4ever indeed best tea ever !"

Rima Rohra, London
"Great product at a good value Very good customer service Highly recommended"

Nilesh Rai, Middlesex
"Tried my first cup of Mazawattee green tea while watching cricket on television last Sunday. As the brand name...what Maza (pleasure) it gave me....absolutely wonderful and relaxing!!"

Josh, Sydney
"An exceptional cup of Rosie Lee. The blend of the English breakfast is sublime. The silk bags add a luxurious feel to the experience although the less posh round tea bags of the regular black tea taste great too"

Katie, Keighley
"Fantastic pot of tea really enjoyable! I won the competition first time I have ever tried and would definitely recommend amazing fast delivery too! Thanks"

Lynn McSorley, Surbiton

Karen, Lincolnshire
"I was overwhelmed to win a competition for the tea and I am now a firm convert. The silky bags are a little bit of luxury and the tea is amazing. I have always found Earl Grey is a bit dusty tasting but the Mazawattee brand allows the full flavour come through. Thank you for the win and for the stunning tea"

DT, London
"Delicious tea! All my family love the English Breakfast and Earl Grey. Well worth the price for a very enjoyable fairtrade cuppa."

Evelyn Felton, Hounslow
"Excellent service. Wonderful tea. Good price Thank you"

Steve, SW London
"Really good tea. We've tried the Everyday Black, the Earl Grey and the Green. Service is quick and goods well packaged. They're dedicated to their product and their customer service. Drink more tea - they need you....!!"

John Richards, Kent
"Very Good"

Liz Burton, New Milton
"Love the tea!"

"Lovely tea from a lovely company with people who mind about their product and those of us who buy from them. Thank you."

Raymond Ellis, Birmingham
"the tea is amongst the top three"

Yasmina, London
"Great single blend teas. Good value too."

Cathy, Cornwall
"I love the tea mugs and the illustration on the tea boxes is very attractive. All very distinctive."

"Quick, efficient and personable. Delicious tea at a good price. I like Mazawatee tea!"

David, London
"I love the tea and love the service."

Mandy cooper, Reigate
"I love your products but I think your website needs a little work. I got your 2for1 offer the other day but when I tried to order it still tried charging me the full amount. It may have been that you’d have sent me twice as much, but it really wasn’t clear, so you lost a sale I’m afraid. And it put me off for the future because it just seemed I’d wasted my time. Maybe I was doing it wrong but nothing seemed to give me clear instructions."

Mr K McNaughton, Essex
"Love your tea, an old family tradition from my childhood. A pity that you don't do loose tea for people like me who prefer to use loose tea in a teapot."

Samantha Thurston, Somerset
"If you want a cuppa that feela like a strong hug Mazawattee can do that for you. We're hooked. They offer a fast, friendly service and deliver the best cup of tea you'll ever have. What more do you want..."

"They are too expensive by the time postage and packing is added though."

Symon Densham, South Wales
"Well being a Gt Gt Nephew of the founder of the tea family John Boon Densham I could only say the tea is very good, but seriously I have tried all the range and they are really tasty, it is good to see the Mazawattee name up and running again, keep up the good work."

Pen Densham, Los Angeles

Nicole, Cheshire
"My boyfriend introduced me to this brand a month or so ago and it's safe to say I'm hooked. No other english breakfast tea compares. I bought some (and some of the everyday black tea) for my team at work and they love it too! I just wish I had an email to say when my package has been despatched and when it should be with me. Apart from that, this brand is a no brainer."

Mazawattee Tea


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